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Tsuburaya Productions Announces New Digital Media Service


Tsuburaya Productions Announces New Digital Media Service

TSUBURAYA・GALAXY,  a new digital media service, offically announced by Tsuburaya Productions.

Tsuburaya Productions, the company behind notable tokusatsu shows such as the Ultra franchise, has announced the launch date for their new digital media service. Launching this Friday, fans who sign up for TSUBURAYA・GALAXY will be able to enjoy a variety of different media from Tsuburaya Productions, such as streaming Ultraman episodes, interviews from the cast and crew, exclusive merchandise, and more on your computers or mobile devices.

The service will cost a fee of 980 yen per month, and new content will be released on the 15th of each following month. TSUBURAYA・GALAXY has been announced to launch on April 12th, 2019 which is the 56th anniversary of Tsuburaya Productions’ founding.

Source: Tsuburaya Prod. Official Channel

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