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Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.32


Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.32

Bandai’s candy toy blog posted a new entry for Kamen Rider Zi-O, with the last addition to SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE 8 and a look into the future of SO-DO Chronicle.

The man in charge of candy toy development goes by D, and in honor of Zi-O, he has changed his usual nickname to Di-O.

First on the blog is Kamen Rider Zi-O Arms 2, the second in their line of roleplay toy model kits. The lineup includes:

  • Ziku-Driver & Mini Zi-O RideWatch II
  • Zikan Girade & Mini Zi-O RideWatch
  • Saikyo Girade
  • Zikan Jacrow & Mini Zi-OTrinity RideWatch

The wave allows for fans to be caught up on all of Zi-O’s own power-ups. The Ziku-Driver comes with alternate stickers for the scrolling text on the center display, so that you may make it Zi-O’s default form or Zi-O II. The two swords can also combine.

“Zi-O, Geiz, Woz! Trinity” 

Then comes a reveal for SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE 9, Zi-OTrinity. This is the latest power-up form for the titular hero, featuring the other two Riders from the show.

The design features plenty of stickers that get across the intricate designs, in particular the “Rider” katakana running down the legs. The belt is once again a new part, with a sticker for the Zi-OTrinity RideWatch.

Included with the figure is the Saikyo Girade, this time painted silver rather than being casted in silver like its previous releases. As can be seen from the wave assortment, the standard pairs of hands and display stand are also included.

After these tidbits, Di-O provides a gallery of photos for the new form.

Next is the SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O EX: Zi-O Mechanics TimeMazine Set. This Premium Bandai set consists of the TimeMazines used by Geiz and Woz, along with swappable RideWatch faces for OOO TaJaDor, Kuuga, Genm and Cross-Z – this provides TimeMazine modes used in the show and 2018 winter movie.

Then, an unexpected reveal for SO-DO Kamen Rider W: Kamen Rider Cyclone. This Rider is exclusive to the Kamen Rider W novel, and has received representation in S.H. Figuarts and the Super Climax Heroes video game.

The only details provided for this figure is that it will be part of an Ichiban Kuji lottery. This is the same lottery that sold several watercolor pieces the previous year.

Finally, Di-O ends the blog with some important news: This will be his last update for the SO-DO line. Under the name Mr. D, he has provided SO-DO coverage since SO-DO Kamen Rider Build with the reveal of Cross-Z Magma, replacing the former SO-DO manager who went by Mr. T.

“Throughout the year, I feel that I’ve received much positive feedback and various opinions, all of which have been motivation for my own planning and development work.

Thanks to that, I was able to realize the development of SO-DO Build, the development of SO-DO Zi-O, and even further development of Legend Rider series such as SO-DO Chronicle.

I don’t think any of that could’ve been achieved without the presence of everyone supporting this series.”

Mr. D then clarifies that he will still be involved in the candy toy division under the SHODO Kamen Rider line, and will continue to be part of SO-DO Chronicle.

“New projects are already underway to bring about a Legend Rider whirlwind, so we will strive to deliver better products to you all!

Also, I hope to see you on another blog!”

With that, the next blog update would come on April 14th.

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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