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New Actors Appearing in Kamen Rider Ryuki Mini-Series


New Actors Appearing in Kamen Rider Ryuki Mini-Series

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Several new actors will be taking part in RIDER TIME: Kamen Rider Ryuki, among them being Daichi Yamaguchi.

While there are returning actors in the Kamen Rider Ryuki mini-series, there will also be some new actors. Daichi Yamaguchi will be playing the role of Kamen Rider Verde. The role was previously played by Arthur Kuroda in the 2002 TV special, Kamen Rider Ryuki Special: 13 Riders.

Yamaguchi has been in several TV Asahi and Fuji TV dramas from 2011 to 2014, and most recently was in a 2017 stage play based on the Dynasty Warriors video game series, as well as a 2018 stage play called Takarazuka Boys.

Yamaguchi commented on the role, saying:

“Participating in the Kamen Rider series has been a dream of mine since I first became an actor. Now, I’m truly pleased that I’ve been able to participate in the Kamen Rider series during the final year of the Heisei era.”

He goes on to talk about the involvement with the original cast:

“What left the biggest impression on me was how warmly the senior cast members treated us new cast members on set. In particular, I had co-starred with Hagino (Takashi Hagino, Kamen Rider Ouja) in the past during a stage performance, and he hasn’t changed even now. It was my first time meeting Suga and Matsuda, who are the actors for Ryuki and Knight, and they actively talked to us new cast members between takes, creating an atmosphere that helped us to do a better acting job.”

Lastly, he gives some final words about the spinoff itself:

“This project is a spinoff from 17 years later. As for its contents, a new story unfolds with the Ryuki of that time added to the present day world of Kamen Rider Zi-O. We, the new and old cast members, color this new world of Kamen Rider Ryuki. Please look forward to it!”

Yamaguchi is not the only new addition. Ryou Shinoda, Ken Nakajima and Ken Sugawara are also confirmed to be part of this, along with Mayu Ura and Shun Ishida who are said to be important to the story. Collectively, they have each appeared in various dramas and movies over the years, mainly TV Asahi productions.

Source: Yahoo Japan

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