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DX Neo DienDriver Revealed


DX Neo DienDriver Revealed

Premium Bandai reveals a new transformation item for Kamen Rider Decade.

A new transformation gun used by Kamen Rider Diend, as seen in his return in the show Kamen Rider Zi-O. This updated recolor of his original gun comes with the card holder, able to hold 18 cards, and a plentiful set of 45 Rider Cards.

An updated arsenal of cards:

  • KamenRide Diend
  • KamenRide Diend Complete Form
  • AttackRide Diend Neo Blast
  • AttackRide Neo CrossAttack
  • AttackRide Neo Barrier
  • AttackRide Neo Illusion
  • AttackRide Neo Invisible
  • Final AttackRide Diend

Immediate secondary Riders from Agito to Zi-O:

  • KamenRide Geiz
  • KamenRide Cross-Z
  • KamenRide Brave
  • KamenRide Specter
  • KamenRide Mach
  • KamenRide Baron
  • KamenRide Beast
  • KamenRide Meteor
  • KamenRide Birth
  • KamenRide Accel
  • KamenRide Ixa
  • KamenRide Zeronos
  • KamenRide Gatack
  • KamenRide Ibuki
  • KamenRide Garren
  • KamenRide Kaixa
  • KamenRide Knight
  • KamenRide G3

And Final FormRide cards of all the lead Kamen Riders:

  • Final FormRide Kuuga Ultimate Form
  • Final FormRide Agito Shining Form
  • Final FormRide Ryuki Survive
  • Final FormRide Faiz Blaster Form
  • Final FormRide Blade King Form
  • Final FormRide Armed Hibiki
  • Final FormRide Kabuto Hyper Form
  • Final FormRide Den-O Liner Form
  • Final FormRide Kiva Emperor Form
  • Final FormRide Decade Complete Form
  • Final FormRide W CycloneJokerXtreme
  • Final FormRide OOO PuToTyra Combo
  • Final FormRide Fourze Cosmic States
  • Final FormRide Wizard Infinity Style
  • Final FormRide Gaim Kiwami Arms
  • Final FormRide Drive Type Tridoron
  • Final FormRide Ghost Kiwami Damashii
  • Final FormRide Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer
  • Final FormRide Build Genius Form

This features unique sounds for each of the cards, a notable change from the original DX DienDriver. The promotional photos reveal that the DX Neo DecaDriver has sounds for the Final FormRide cards included here.

Release Date: October 2019

Price: ¥8,640

Source: Premium Bandai

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