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Voice Actor Mahito Tsujimura Passes Away at 88

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Voice Actor Mahito Tsujimura Passes Away at 88

Veteran voice actor Mahito Tsujimura provided voices for several tokusatsu series before he passed away at 88.

Announced last week, voice actor Mahito Tsujimura passed away at the age of 88. The news comes by way of his talent agency 81 Produce.

Having performed roles in Dragon BallNausicaä, and Berserk, his most prolific work was in the realm of tokusatsu voicing villains and monsters. In the first Kamen Rider series alone, he provided the voice of thirteen monsters of the week. Over the years, he lended himself for multiple monster voices for each Showa era Kamen Rider series from Kamen Rider V3 through Kamen Rider Super-1.

He also provided monster voices for Super Sentai (Kakuranger, Megaranger, and Gingaman), the Ultra Series (Ultra Seven and Ultraman Ace), as well as for other notable tokusatsu shows like Akumaiser 3,  MirrormanKyodain, and Transforming Ninja Arashi to name a few.

A private funeral for Tsujimura’s will be held by his family.

Source: Anime News Network

Actor, Tokusatsu enthusiast, cosplayer, host of Rider Rewind & co-host of the Beyond the Black Rims on YouTube.

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