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Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.16


Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.16

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Bandai’s candy toy blog posted a new entry for Kamen Rider Zi-O, revealing the last figure SO-DO’s 4th wave.

The man in charge of candy toy development goes by D, and in honor of Zi-O, he has changed his usual nickname to Di-O.

Di-O reminds everyone that SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE 3 is out. This set includes FourzeArmor and GenmArmor from the show, along with RyukiArmor and Den-OArmor from the toy packaging designs.

“ArmorTime: Kuuga!”

The final addition to RIDE 4 is revealed: KuugaArmor. This is a form that will be making an appearance in Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, debuting December 22nd. The design of KuugaArmor is simple, close to the silhouette of the actual Kamen Rider Kuuga.

In order to replicate the forearm armor on this form, they have included a pair of hands that have armor for the top half of the forearms, similar to how DriveArmor works. However, this one is a bit different.

Since Di-O acknowledges that there are fans who like to display these kind of forms with open hands, the sticker set includes a special set of stickers so that fans can apply the forearm armor directly onto the forearms of the figure. This was made for fans who like to buy duplicates of the Armor Changing body for the sake of displaying every armor together. Using open hands, fans can replicate Kuuga’s transformation and finisher poses.

With that, RIDE 4 is complete: OOOArmor, KuugaArmor, KabutoArmor, BladeArmor, and KivaArmor. Fans wishing to display these individually will need a fair amount of duplicate Zi-O bodies, as the wave only includes one.

The wave will be out on December 17th.

Also included with the blog post is a followup on the SO-DO Kamen Rider Build set sold on Premium Bandai, simply called BUILD FINAL. It will be released soon.

For those who missed it, this set was announced towards the end of Kamen Rider Build. It includes new figures of Rogue and Grease, featuring swappable hands, a concept originally only applied to special releases. Also included are alternate Build Drivers with unique items or lack thereof, a white Pandora Panel, and wings for Night Rogue and MadRogue.

With that, the blog update has ended, with the next update happening on December 9th.

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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