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Amazon Shopping Guide: Kamen Rider Zi-O


Amazon Shopping Guide: Kamen Rider Zi-O

Did you know that Amazon carries tokusatsu toys, including quite a few great Kamen Rider Zi-O items? Check out our recommendations for the best of what’s available on Amazon during the holiday season.

Searching Kamen Rider Zi-O on Amazon brings up quite a few items! Remember that Amazon has third-party sellers – always look at the “Ships from and sold by” line on the product page to see if the item is coming from Amazon or from a seller. Checking the “Amazon Prime” box will narrow your search to only Prime-shipped items, which will weed out the third party sellers. Don’t have Prime? Get a free 30-day trial and try it out!

Here are a few recommendations of great Kamen Rider Zi-O items that you can order on Amazon right now!

Rider Armor Series: Kamen Rider Zi-O ($21.51)

A fan of the good overlord himself? The Rider Armor Series offers nice 5″ figures at a cheap price, featuring the articulation you’d expect from a modern action figure as well as swappable hands.

Rider Armor Series: BuildArmor ($17.85)

Getting a figure of Zi-O? Might as well also pick up BuildArmor! The Rider Armor Series gets its name from the attachable armors you can purchase to put on your figure. As someone who felt that most of Ex-Aid‘s attachable armor had flaws, BuildArmor tackles those flaws and makes a solid looking armor. It also cleverly has the Geiz variant on the back, which results in it having solid heel support! Seriously, I’ve thought about how much better this is compared to Ex-Aid.

Legend Rider Series: Kamen Rider Cross-Z ($23.76)

Something that Kamen Rider Zi-O also has going for it is the Legend Rider Series. This 5″ figure line features Riders and forms from previous series, some of which never even had action figures during their run – a good example of this is Cross-Z. This line doesn’t have any gimmicks, it solely focuses on making good articulated figures at a cheap price, and it feels like it delivers.

DX Geiz RideWatch ($19.39)

Are you a fan of the Rider from 2068? Normally, the transformation items for the Riders’ main forms are hard to come by without it being part of some accessory, like the main transformation belt. But luckily, the DX Geiz RideWatch is sold on its own!

DX Ryuki RideWatch ($23.99)

Sure, you could collect the RideWatches seen in the show, but the toyline has so much more to offer, with a DX RideWatch based on every lead Rider! Ryuki was the first one to receive a release, and it’s a fun one to have. A truly ambitious series with so many Riders!

DX Kodama SuikaArms ($31.99)

Zi-O is full of gadgets that transform into RideWatches, and naturally, I need to stand by my number one favorite; Gaim. This is a pint-sized version of the Suika Armors mech suit form that Gaim used, and it’s downright adorable. It also comes packed with a few attack sounds, reminiscent of the types of things Suika Arms could do. More importantly, check out those colors – very Christmas-y!

DX Zikan Zax ($39.99)

Interested in a fun weapon? The Zikan Zax used by Kamen Rider Geiz is a good one! With ease, it converts from an ax mode to a bow mode, with sounds for either configuration and also has a place to insert a RideWatch. Bladed weapons sometimes come up a bit short due to the demographic they’re made for, but this still feels like a decently sized weapon.

DX Ziku-Driver ($71.33)

Indeed, I end this list by recommending the main transformation belt used by Zi-O and Geiz! Rider belts go for high prices, but this is a good price for what you’re getting. Between the rotating centerpiece and the scrolling text, this belt is as stylish as can be! And it doesn’t matter if your RideWatches are DX, candy, or Gashapon – those cheaper alternatives are programmed to function close to DX, so everything works like it should on this belt. Take it for a spin.

Copy editor for TokuNet. Creator of a few casual Kamen Rider blogs on Tumblr (FruitRiderNews/GameRiderNews/BuildRiderNews). Collector of Riders, Transformers and generally robotic/cute stuff. I also do a lot of art, so if you're interested in a commission you can check out this link. Thanks for stopping by!

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