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Information on Kamen Rider Zi-O Theme Song Release


Information on Kamen Rider Zi-O Theme Song Release

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Avex reveals early details about the Kamen Rider Zi-O theme, “Over ‘Quartzer'”, coming out in January. 

The opening theme to Kamen Rider Zi-O, “Over ‘Quartzer'” by Shuta Sueyoshi feat. ISSA, will be seeing multiple releases on January 23rd 2019. This is a very early reveal, so there are no images available. What is known are the contents of all three releases:

With toy (Price: ¥3,700): 

  • “Over ‘Quartzer'”
  • “Over ‘Quartzer’ (TV Op Ver.)”
  • DX Zi-O RideWatch (Theme Song Original Ver.)

With DVD (Price: ¥1,800): 

  • “Over ‘Quartzer'”
  • “Over ‘Quartzer’ (Instrumental)”
  • “Over ‘Quartzer’ (Shuta Sueyoshi Ver.)”
  • “Over ‘Quartzer’ (ISSA Ver.)”
  • Music video
  • Lyric video

CD only (Price: ¥1,200): 

  • “Over ‘Quartzer'”
  • “Over ‘Quartzer’ (Piano Ver.)”
  • “Over ‘Quartzer’ (Acoustic Guitar Ver.)”

Source: Kamen Rider Avex Sound Web

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