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Power Morphicon Issues Update On Lord Drakkon Figure Shortage


Power Morphicon Issues Update On Lord Drakkon Figure Shortage

Power Morphicon addresses the concerns of attendees that purchased the Lord Drakkon figure.

In the months leading up to this year’s planned Power Morphicon event, fans of the franchise as well as the Boom Comics take on the adventures of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers have had their eyes set on collecting the convention exclusive Legacy Lord Drakkon figure produced by Bandai. Fans who were unable to attend the convention in person had been signing up for the required badge tiers that would allow them to preorder the figure in mass quantities and were looking forward to this month’s arrival of the sought-after collectible.

As presented in both e-mail and on the event’s official Facebook page on September 5th, an issue regarding the supply of Lord Drakkon figures had been reported, causing Power Morphicon to not be able to meet the pre-sold demands. Up to that point, the convention had been keeping fans updated for the past few weeks after the convention had taken place stating that the pallets containing the figures were being held and would be distributed after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

In the post, Power Morphicon cited the website for Entertainment Earth, who had helped broker the figures for the convention, as a potential alternative to pick one up. Entertainment Earth did briefly have the Drakkon figure listed for sale on their website until they quickly sold out. Currently, Entertainment Earth only has the Funko Pop Lord Drakkon listed for a February release.

As of September 12th, a new update was issued on the Power Morphicon Facebook page relating the current status of the Drakkon figures and options for reimbursement. The post states that due to the error, not everyone who ordered a Drakkon figure will be receiving one. Non-attendees are instructed to fill out and return a form stating their preferred method of resolution out of three options to be returned to them by September 28th:

“Non Attendee Update Sept 12th

As many of you are aware, there was a catastrophic error with our registration system and as a result, our non-attendee product count was severely off. Our original intention was to honor at least one Lord Drakkon figure per order. However, after taking careful inventory and doing a stock-count, we have since learned that is not an option we can offer to all buyers. To put it bluntly, not everyone who ordered a Lord Drakkon figure will receive one. We are sorry for this, and we will continue to apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this will inevitably cause some of our members…”

“… In the pursuit of fairness, we will provide the following three (3) options to resolve this unfortunate situation. One (1) Lord Drakkon figure will be provided to those that choose Options 1 (Exchange) or 2 (Partial Refund) based on purchase date order while supplies last. Once these figures have been exhausted, no additional figures will be provided. You may also choose Option 3 (Full Refund), which at a courtesy, will include membership fees only if selected. Please note that you must choose one of the provided Options by Friday, September 28th, 2018, or Option 2 (Partial Refund) for missing merchandise only will be provided by default at Power Morphicon’s discretion within 30-days. Refunds by default will NOT include reimbursement for purchased memberships or available merchandise and are issued via check-by-mail only…”

“…We apologize profusely for the system errors that caused this oversight. We ask that you provide us a little time, patience, and understanding while we work through this issue to provide you best solution we can.
Power Morphicon will continue to do its best to remain transparent and let our members know where we are in this process as time goes on and we move forward.

Thank you for your continued patience.
Please address any questions or concerns

Power Morphicon Staff”

“We are still filling orders by the date they are received. Some orders at the end of pre orders are affected.”

There is currently no word on if any more of the figures will be made to meet demand.

Source: Power Morphicon website, Official Facebook Page

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1 Comment

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