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Power Morphicon 2018: Hasbro Panel Recap


Power Morphicon 2018: Hasbro Panel Recap

Straight from Power Morphicon, Hasbro and other partners announce upcoming Power Rangers items.

One of the more anticipated panels at this year’s Power Morphicon event were the two panels held on the Saturday of the event by Hasbro, the first of which covered some of the new products that fans could look forward to. As the new owner and toy distributor, fans packed in the panel room to see what the company had to offer.

The panel began with nWay, creators of the Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game. The company previously announced S.P.D. Shadow Ranger, Samurai Gold Ranger, Lightspeed Titanium Ranger, and the Ranger Slayer from BOOM! Studios’ Shattered Grid series. There was one more portal left to reveal. As Paul Schrier came onto the stage, they revealed that Jack D. Thomas, the Hyperforce Yellow Ranger was hitting the game in October.

Next up was a quick feature of the recently released Power Rangers Funko POP figures, with a focus on the upcoming location exclusive figures such as the Hot Topic exclusive White Tigerzord, the Target exclusive 12’’ Ultrazord or the upcoming release of Lord Drakkon.

Renegade Studios’ Heroes of the Grid tabletop board game detailed their current Kickstarter campaign, upcoming expansions, and also revealed plans for a Cyclopsis miniature to combat the Rangers’ Megazord miniature. Heroes of the Grid is set to release in Spring 2019.

Additional collectibles from Linage Studios were announced including a Power Morphin pin with interchangeable Power Coins, as well as cinema-style posters from some of Power Rangers’ greatest moments including Forever Red, Shattered Grid, and the upcoming Soul of the Dragon series.

The biggest reveal was the announcement of the brand new 6’’ Lightning Collection of figures, with their initial release in Spring 2019 as the Mighty Morphin’ White Ranger, which Hasbro debuted a prototype of immediately after the panel at their booth. Described as the most HD figure possible, the figure boasts a screen accurate sculpt, 27 points of articulation, weapons, effects, and alternate heads included for all releases in the line, and all for a modest $19.99 price point. Hasbro further addressed that the Lightning Collection will be an anthology series, with different Rangers from different seasons being released so as to add variety to the line, similar to the release of Marvel Signature Series of figures.

No additional details regarding the line, future releases, Morphers, Megazords, or any toys related to the upcoming Power Rangers Beast Morpher series were announced, but Hasbro says to stay tuned to upcoming conventions for more.

Source: Power Morphicon

Co-Contributor: Josh Saucedo

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