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Indie Tokusatsu Merch Roundup September 2018


Indie Tokusatsu Merch Roundup September 2018

This month we take a look at a couple fun crossover fanart pieces, as well as remembering old favorites.

Adams Pinto

This Brazilian artist has a Redbubble store full of wonderful nerdy designs, but this art featuring two very well loved Japanese series is what is on the list today. The tasteful recreation of the beloved Akira image with Kamen Rider Black is a great combination.

You can purchase it from his Redbubble store.

Celestial Robot

This artist uses her colorful pallet to bring your favorite characters to life and provides some great creative merchandise to boot.

You can view her full gallery for purchase here.

PineappleBananaCurry Studios

This print shop has three Kamen Rider prints that are beautifully made. One features the fan favorite Kamen Rider Gaim, while the other two are both a cavalcade of various Kamen Riders.

You can grab any and all of these prints at their store here.


This final artist has a very classic approach to their art prints that make their tokusatsu prints something special.

You can purchase them from ChetArt’s massive gallery here.

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Katie is a cosplayer and tokusatsu fan located in North Carolina. She has been writing for over ten years. She is most commonly associated in the tokusatsu community with the cosplayer/costumer, TheNextDecade. She works full time helping animals at an ER.

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