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Kamen Rider Build Staff Pays Tribute to Daichi Nobe


Kamen Rider Build Staff Pays Tribute to Daichi Nobe

The cast of Kamen Rider Build shares their thoughts on the passing of Daichi Nobe.

Kaho Takada, who portrays Misora, said:

A member of Team Build has made his journey into the sky. We were the same age. He wanted to do many things, and he struggled to take flight along the way, I know because I too step into the same workworld. I want to do my best in his stead. I have to do my best. Because we never know when our day will come. Today I will live with no regrets.

Yukari Taki, who portrays Sawa, said:

The other day, Daichi Nobe, a member of the action crew, passed away suddenly. It’s really heartbreaking knowing he (Nobe) believed in himself and was really diligent at practice. I pray he finds happiness in the other world.

Eiji Akaso, who portrays Ryuga, said:

We learned of Daichi Nobe’s sudden passing the other day. I still can’t believe how sudden the news of his death was. As someone from his age group who is working on the same series, I will strive to do my best until the end. I send my prayers to him in the next world.

Daichi Nobe died on June 14th following a training exercise, jumping 15 meters from a five-story building. He landed on the air pad but staggered off and fell unconscious afterward. Nobe was affiliated with the Japan Action Enterprises (JAE) agency. He suit acted for the Engine Bros character in Kamen Rider Build.

Source: Takada’s Instagram, Taki’s Twitter, Akaso’s Twitter

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