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Amazon Shopping Guide: Lupinranger vs Patranger


Amazon Shopping Guide: Lupinranger vs Patranger

With a little bit of hunting, it is possible to find current Kamen Rider and Super Sentai toys for pretty reasonable prices, and some of them with Prime shipping. Here are a few recommendations from Amazon’s offerings for toys from the current season, Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger (Phantom Thief Lupinranger VS Police Sentai Patranger)

When searching on Amazon, be aware that there are a couple of different spellings used for this season, particularly for the police. The below screenshot shows some search suggestions that come up when you start to search on Amazon. It can also help to search just for “Lupinranger” or “Patranger” or “Patoranger” (an alternate spelling used on many Amazon listings). 

Remember that Amazon has third-party sellers – always look at the “Ships from and sold by” line on the product page to see if the item is coming from Amazon or from a seller. Checking the “Amazon Prime” box will narrow your search to only Prime-shipped items, which will weed out the third party sellers. Don’t have Prime? Get a free 30-day trial and try it out!

Lupinred VS Changer set   ($49.99); PatrenIchigo VS Changer set  ($42)

No matter which team you align with, the VS Changer is a great starting item for fans of the current Sentai season. Amazon has two different VS Changer sets, one which comes with Lupinred’s Dial Fighter and one which comes with PatrenIchigo’s Trigger Machine. The base gun is the same, the only difference in the sets is which red vehicle it comes with. It will recognize all the vehicles, both Lupinranger- and Patranger-owned.


LupinBlue Dial Fighter  ($25.25); LupinYellow Dial Fighter ($22.86)

PatrenNigo Trigger Machine ($22.61); PatrenSango Trigger Machine ($23.95)

If you aren’t interested in leading the team, Amazon has the other vehicles for the team available as well. These four items are just the vehicle – you need the VS Changer set to get the full use out of these.


Good Striker ($37.39)

Both teams make use of Good Striker, or Goody, in the show. So far his allegiance is split between both teams – he helps who he feels like helping that week! The toy plays several of his lines from the show.


Patren MegaBo ($25); Lupinranger sword ($36.94)

Amazon carries weapons for both teams. For the Patrangers, it’s their MegaBo, which is a megaphone that has a small bo staff which extends from the top. The Lupinrangers, meanwhile, have a snazzy sword which has a ring at the end that can open and close. Both toys play sounds from the show. 


Keychain set ($35)

Lastly, there is a nice little swing keychain set, which includes all six members of the two teams. The figures are a little under two inches tall and perfect for displaying in your favorite ita bag!

Mary Jo is a trained librarian currently working for an experiential marketing firm. When she's not at work, she loves to cosplay (mostly toku characters), take lots of photos, and staff conventions.

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