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Tsuburaya Productions Releases New Trailer for “Ultraman Geed the Movie – Connect the Wishes!”


Tsuburaya Productions Releases New Trailer for “Ultraman Geed the Movie – Connect the Wishes!”

Tsuburaya Productions releases a new trailer for upcoming Ultraman Geed film.

This week, the official YouTube channel of Tsuburaya Productions released a new trailer for the upcoming Ultraman Geed film, Ultraman Geed the Movie – Connect the Wishes!.

The story is as follows:

When the Giant Artificial Brain Gilbaris attempts to destroy all life by sending the Galactron Army to earth to obtain the “red steel”, Riku heads to Okinawa under the advice of Jugglus Juggler. Along the way, he meets Airu Higa who enlists his help on a mission. Once the Galactron Army makes their way to Okinawa, Ultraman Orb and Zero help to aid Geed.

As previously reported, the film will feature actress Yuika Motokariya (Taro & JiroFight) as the tour guide knowledgeable about Okinawa customs and traditions, Airu Higa. Additionally, May J. (Magic of Futari for Gundam Reconguista in G) will be performing the theme song for the film.

Ultraman Geed the Movie – Connect the Wishes! is set to open March 10th, 2018.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions Official YouTube Channel, Tsuburaya Station

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