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Kamen Rider Build Blu-Ray COLLECTION Vol. 1 Announced


Kamen Rider Build Blu-Ray COLLECTION Vol. 1 Announced

Volume 1 Blu-ray release for the Kamen Rider Build TV series to be released on March 28th, 2018, with an original 3-episode series titled “Rogue”.

Recently, a Kamen Rider Build Blu-ray COLLECTION Vol. 1 has been announced. The release is set for March 28th, 2018, for a price of ¥19,800 (plus sales tax).

As part of the special features of the first volume, an original 3-episode series titled “Rogue” depicting the rise of Night Rogue will be included. This series will be written by Yoshimasa Akamatsu (Corpse Party (2015)) and helmed by Shogo Muto (writer of Kamen Rider Build).

The synopsis for the special series is as follows:

Three years ago, Gentoku Himuro (portrayed by Kensei Mikami), head of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics, tries to convince his old friend and Touto Prime Minister aide, Koji Hotei that Touto needs to strengthen their military in order to face the threat Hokuto and Seito represent. Hotei however, does not listen. It is then that Gentoku is made aware of certain researcher.

Source: Toei Video

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