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Premium Bandai Announces Ultra Q Kanegon Desk Pillow


Premium Bandai Announces Ultra Q Kanegon Desk Pillow


A classic Ultra Q kaiju, Kanegon, can now be your work-time cuddle buddy as an adorable desk pillow via Premium Bandai.

Ultra Q was the first series in the Ultraman franchise and gave rise to many of the kaiju suits used in Ultraman to this day. The money-eating Kanegon is one such kaiju. Despite having only a small handful of appearances post-Ultra Q, the kaiju remains a fan favorite.

Premium Bandai released a number of desktop pillows, many from the Ultraman franchise itself. Kanegon is the newest addition to the collection. The kaiju’s large disc-shaped head provides the perfect shape for a desk pillow that can sit perfectly between you and your keyboard so you can catch some comfortable Z’s right at your desk. The pillow has a roughly 40cm diameter and includes a zippered mouth, allowing money or other treasures to be stored inside securely. Kanegon does love eating money after all!

The Kanegon pillow will release in March 2018 for ¥4,860 before fees and shipping. Preorders began on December 6th, 2017 and will conclude on December 15th, 2017.

Source: Premium Bandai

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