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New Trailer Released for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Genm vs Lazer


New Trailer Released for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Genm vs Lazer

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A new trailer for the final film in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending trilogy was released.

Released early this morning, a preview trailer for the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Genm vs Lazer film was uploaded to Toei Production’s official YouTube Channel. The trailer featured footage from Another Ending: Brave & Snipe and Another Ending: Para-DX with Poppy alongside new footage for Another Ending: Genm vs Lazer.


The story of Another Ending: Genm vs Lazer is as follows:

Genm has awoken! Dan Kuroto has obtained the God Maximum Mighty X and the world falls into the chaos that is Zombie Chronicle. Kiriya has found the key to face the power that not even Muteki can overcome and after receiving a certain message from Masamune, he faces Genm. What will become of these two and of the world?

The film will also debut two exclusive new forms. Genm will be taking the form of Kamen Rider Genm God Maximum Gamer Level Billion using the God Maximum Mighty X Gashat, which was announced earlier this October by Premium Bandai. Lazer will be taking the form of Kamen Rider Lazer Level X.


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Another Ending: Genm vs Lazer debuts March 3, 2018. The Blu-ray/DVD releases April 25, 2018.

Source: Toei Productions Official YouTube

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