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Premium Bandai to Release Ultra Replica The Esplender and Agulater


Premium Bandai to Release Ultra Replica The Esplender and Agulater

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Premium Bandai recently closed preorders on the Ultra Replica releases of Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul’s transformation devices: the Esplender and Agulater.

Ultra Replica, much like series like Kamen Rider‘s Complete Selection Modification or Super Sentai‘s Super Sentai Artisan lines, strives to bring Ultra fans screen accurate replicas of the various transformation devices and tools used by heroes throughout Ultra history. Next in the popular series are Ultraman Gaia’s Esplender and Ultraman Agul’s Agulater.

The Esplender contains a number of sounds include Ultraman Gaia’s transformation sound, as well as attack noises. The toy has a five-color LED in the base that can alternate between the default blue, white, yellow, red, and purple. The Agulater features an alternating blue and white LED and can flip around the wrist-mounted base. Of course, the toy has the extendable wings the Agulater is known for. Much like the Esplender, the Agulater features transformation and attack sounds.

The Ultra Replica Esplender and Agulater Set was available to preorder on Premium Bandai but ended as of November 13th, 2017. The set will begin shipping in March 2018 and will retail for ¥9,936 before fees and shipping.

Source: Premium Bandai

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