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Next Time on Kamen Rider Build: Episode 9


Next Time on Kamen Rider Build: Episode 9


The Rider System threatens to become militarized in the next episode of Kamen Rider Build, The Trap of Project Build.

Episode 9: The Trap of Project Build

Written by Shogo Muto
Directed by Kyouhei Yamaguchi
Action Directed by Takeshi Miyazaki (Japan Action Enterprise)
Special Effects Directed by Hiroshi Butsuda (Tokusatsu Kenkyuujo)

It’s been discovered that “Project Build” was developed by Katsuragi (Yukiaki Kiyama) as a Rider system built with the purpose of defense. Katsuragi also made the Build Driver and bottles. Ryuga (Eiji Akaso) shows anger that the Project Build that Katsuragi made will create many victims, but Sento (Atsuhiro Inukai) defends Katsuragi by saying, “It’s the military that intends to use this science,” and the two have a strong disagreement

Himuro (Kensei Mikami) is trying to use the Rider System as a military weapon. However, he can’t convince his father who is the Prime Minister of Touto, and they face the dangerous possibility of losing their strong sponsor support.

The Rider System cannot be allowed to leak out of Touto. Himuro plans to steal the Pandora Box from the Research Institute. “If that were to happen, it would fan the flames of war.” He does this to get his father to agree to use the Rider System to strengthen the military. How does Sento fit into Himuro’s dreadful plan?


Sources: TV Asahi, Toei

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