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Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film To Be Shown In US Theaters


Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film To Be Shown In US Theaters


Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul film to be shown in US theaters on October 16th through 22nd. 

Funimation has released an English subtitled teaser trailer for the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film. Confirmed by Funimation Films on Monday, the live-action film will be shown in select United States and Canadian theaters in October during the 16th through the 22nd.

On the official website for the Tokyo Ghoul film, tickets are available for pre-purchase. An official synopsis has been revealed via Funimation Films.

 Buried in books and a quiet life, Ken Kaneki is all but dead to the world in an age where flesh-eating ghouls live among us. But when his only chance for survival is an organ donation that turns him into a ghoul human hybrid, he finds sanctuary at Anteiku – a café run by the people he once considered monsters. Targeted by anti-ghoul forces, this safe house is up against a hunger more sickening than their own. When their most innocent members are threatened by humanity’s taste for vengeance, Kaneki will risk life and limb to protect the very world that changed his own.

Based on the popular manga, the second stage play has announced the casting of Ryo Matsuda as the protagonist, Ken Kaneki. Alongside Matsuda, Shogo Suzuki, known for his role as Tani Chiaki/ShinkenGreen in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, will play Nishiki Nishio.

Yoshiko Sengen, known for her role as Yuki Jojima of the Kamen Rider Fourze series, will portray Touka Kirishima in the upcoming live-action Tokyo Ghoul film. Sengen’s other notable role is Aiko Himeno of the live action Hentai Kamen films. A photo ban has been lifted giving a look at Sengen in character as Touka.

Additional cast members include Mitsu Murata, known for his role as Douji in Kamen Rider Hibiki, as Uta and Tomokazu Yoshida, known for his role as Tekkan Aira/DekaBreak in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, as Renji Yomo.

Source: Funimation Official Youtube Channel, Anime News Network, Funimation Films Press Release

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