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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Producer Clarifies True Ending’s Timeline


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Producer Clarifies True Ending’s Timeline


Fans have been speculating on the setting of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending movie, but conflicting reports have confused fans, until now.

Confusion arose when viewers were unsure if the film was going to be a separate alternative ending to the TV show, or an epilogue story that for some reason was released before the end of the main plot itself.

Before the movie opened, the singer from the show, Daichi Miura stated in an interview that “the movie is set one year after the television show“. However, this led people to believe that all the characters would safely survive the end of the series as they appear in the movie.

After the final episode broadcast, the official Ex-Aid account released the following statement:


“This is an official announcement. The Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending movie’s story is set after the television show final episode.
To ensure everyone enjoyed until the end of the TV show, there was a gag rule implemented until the final part of the script.

Furthermore, Producer Takahito Oomori finally set the record straight on Twitter earlier this week following a fan event:



“Thank you for the Ex-Aid night festival the other day. I was talking with Takahashi (the writer) and there was one thing I forgot to say that I had too.
Please definitely watch the movie again.
True Ending is not set one year afterwards, but immediately following the television series. Madoka’s (the young girl in the movie) second semester sports day (a scene in the movie) is around about today.
The Ending credits and onward (including Build’s debut) is one year afterwards. “

While Muira’s contribution to the movie, the theme song Life Is Beautiful, plays during the ending credits showing the one year after segments, Takahito confirms that the majority of the movie is set straight after the events of the TV show.

Source: Avex interview, Official Ex-Aid Twitter & Takahito Omori Twitter

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