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Kamen Rider Build to Push Classic Kamen Rider Elements


Kamen Rider Build to Push Classic Kamen Rider Elements

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Toei releases new information about the upcoming Kamen Rider Build series, revealing the series will involve classic Kamen Rider elements. 

Toei updated their webpage for the Kamen Rider Build series to reveal how the series would push “Kamen Rider-ness” amidst complaints that Kamen Rider isn’t Kamen Rider anymore.

In the past few years, we were told ‘Kamen Rider isn’t even Kamen Rider anymore’. But, even if it doesn’t have the looks of a Kamen Rider,  Kamen Rider always had the same common point of ‘originating from the same point together with evil’. Kamen Rider Build is a series pushing out the Kamen Rider-ness. As Build will become the 19th Heisei Kamen Rider Series, the system and the settings can also be considered as a right-on-point Kamen Rider series by taking all the good parts.


The original Kamen Rider was about the main character who was experimented on by an evil organization and fighting back against them as a hero. The monsters, Smash, which appear in Build are actually monsters made from human experimentation. The webpage mentions, “Those who were experimented on say their memory is vague, but does this have a connection with the main character, Sento’s memory loss? The original theme of ‘the identity of Kamen Rider could be equal to the monsters’ could possibly be seen here”.

Kamen Rider Build will involve heated drama between men. Ryuga, who escaped from prison for being innocent, holds the key to cracking the mystery of Sento’s memory loss. Sento searches for his memory, and Ryuga tries to clear himself of the false accusation; the two men fight, and at times they work together to approach the mystery. The two are surrounded by a conspiracy someone plotted, and as they get closer and closer, the more they get confused about the truth. The webpage writes “Just like the bond Kamen Rider #1 and #2 had, and like the stories between men which had been seen in previous Heisei Kamen Rider series, it will be communicated through Sento and Ryuga”.


The Toei webpage continues and provides new information about Sento Kiryu and the innovative world of Kamen Rider Build. Kamen Rider Build aka Sento Kiryu builds his own inventions with the power of science. As an example, Full Bottles, which appear in the show, are bottles with many various components. The machines used to build these bottles are Sento’s inventions. The weapon, his bike the Machine Builder, and even the system of distinguishing the bottles’ ‘Best Match’ inside the Build Driver are also part of Sento’s inventions. The webpage mentions,”As a Rider, there are no other main characters who are this reliable”.


Kamen Rider Build depicts  “A country with borders” with Japan being separated by a wall, a gimmick unique to Build. The wall, known as the “Sky Wall”, was made from the mysterious Pandora’s Box. The segmented areas of Touto, Seito, and Hokuto each have a government of their own, and they all have their own thoughts. The webpage asks, “How will the people who live in separate borders be entwined, what will be made from it, and what will happen to the existence of Kamen Rider? The series’ largest theme could come together with this wall?”.

The series will premiere on September 3rd, 2017, at 8:00 AM on TV Asahi on Sundays before moving to 9:00 AM on October 2017.

Source: Toei

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  1. garauga

    August 22, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Ahuh. Right.
    You know they’ve actually done that over the last few years? Since W, at the very least with recurring themology once you look past the gimmicks. So the fact they’re saying that kind of shows Toei doesn’t really know what those are anymore.

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