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Kamen Rider Build Cast Revealed at Press Conference


Kamen Rider Build Cast Revealed at Press Conference

Inukai Atsuhiro, winner of the 2012 Junon Super Boy contest, will star in Kamen Rider Build as Sento Kiryu.

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Inukai Atsuhiro, winner of the 2012 Junon Super Boy contest, will star in Kamen Rider Build as Sento Kiryu.

Full cast members include:

  • Sento Kiryu played by Inukai Atsuhiro.
  • Ryuga Banjo played by Eiji Akaso (previously played Hiroki Nagase in Kamen Rider Amazons season 2).
  • Misora Isurugi played by Kaho Takada.
  • Shigeaki Utsumi played by Yuki Ochi.
  • Sawa Takigawa played by Yukari Taki (previously played Arisa Sugita in Ultraman Ginga S).
  • Gentoku Himuro played by Kensei Mikami.
  • Souichi Isurugi played by Yasuyuki Maekawa (previously played Shinra in Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga).

When asked about his favorite show, Inukai replied, “I watched Kabuto while I was at school. Tendou was so cool, I wanted to be him.”

The livestream also screened the trailer to the upcoming show. The trailer is available on TV Asahi’s YouTube channel and currently region locked for Japanese viewers only. The transcript noted below:

10 years ago the “Pandora Box” was found on Mars. On Earth, it created walls that divided Japan into Touto (Eastern Capital), Hokuto (Northern Capital) and Seito (Western Capital) and brought along the Smash, unidentified beigns that attack people.

Sento Kiryu, prodigy physicist, transforms into Kamen Rider Build to fight the Smash.

The Touto government requests his help in deciphering the mystery behind the Pandora Box and the Smash.

There is one mystery not even Sento can solve: his own past. The only memory he has left of more than 20 years is the existence of a sinister figure called, Knight Rogue.

There is one man who holds the key to Sento’s memories. A prison escapee by the name of Ryuga Banjo, who adamantly denies commiting the murder he is accused of.

Misora Isurugi who works with Sento, has the ability to purify the harmful components the Smash are made of.

Sento transforms into Kamen Rider Build in order to uncover the mystery surrounding the Pandora Box, the Smash and his amnesia.

The plot synopsis is described below:

“Build” derives its meaning from the word “create”. The hero is a young genius physicist who transforms using two different components as if they were experiments.

The hero uses the Build Driver to transform by loading two “Full Bottle” transformation items containing various ingredients such as animals and machines. When the two bottles used are a perfect combination, they are considered a “best match” and allow for the finishing attack. Build’s primary form is RabbitTank, using the power of a tank and jumping power of a rabbit. He speaks his catchphrase “Well, let’s begin the experiment!” as he tries out Full Bottle combinations to decide the rules of victory.

The story begins with the Japanese islands divided into three by the massive “Sky Wall” that appeared from Pandora’s Box found on Mars. In the three new areas of Toto, Saito, and Hokuto, the unidentified living organisms called “Smash” being to appear. The hero will face the Smash with his belt and bottles.

Source: Oricon, Kamen Rider Build Press Conference Stream

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