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New Characters Added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Game


New Characters Added to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Game

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BOOM! Studios announced two new characters for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars via a July 18 press releaseMore information has since been given at San Diego Comic Con 2017.

As part of the BOOM! Studios Road to San Diego 2017, two new characters were revealed for Power Ranger: Legacy Wars. As of the 1.4.0 update, Lord Drakkon and Black Dragon have been added to the game. These two villains come straight from the pages of the BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comic book series. They are the first newly created official Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers characters to be created since the original series ended in 1995. This is the first time original creations from the comic books have been brought into other media. In lol elo boosting Personal Area you will see all major data about the session: history of the matches, order progress and pause option. And do not hesitate to chat with one of pros who gets on your order, it is your best chance to get some hints form professional league player.

Other new characters were later announced during San Diego Comic Con 2017.The  Power Rangers movie’s version of the Putty, Rita Repulsa’s grunt soldier, have also been added to the roster. Other new features added to the game include a challenge mode in which players compete in a series of battles using groups of teams and a “talents system” which allows players to upgrade his or her warriors with passive abilities.

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a multiplayer fighting game and is currently available on the App Store and Google Play for smart devices.

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Lord Drakkon is an evil version of Tommy Oliver in an alternate universe who rules the dystopian Earth and first appeared in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #9. Black Dragon is a largely powerful zord. It arrived from an alternate universe to destroy Tommy Oliver.

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