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Morphinominal Expo, a New Power Rangers Convention in Texas, Starts in September 2017


Morphinominal Expo, a New Power Rangers Convention in Texas, Starts in September 2017

Morphinominal Expo 2

Morphinominal Expo, a new and upcoming Power Rangers convention, launches this year from September 2nd to September 3rd 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. 

Morphinominal Expo with the tagline: “It’s Morphin Time!” is coming to San Antonio, Texas’ Wonderland of Americas mall on September 2nd to September 3rd 2017.

Their press release notes the current guest attending the show:

Morphinominal Expo, South Texas’ first free Power Rangers convention, will be September 2 and 3 at the Wonderland of Americas Mall located 4522 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78201.

There will be appearances from the Power Rangers franchise including Andrew Gray, Power Rangers Megaforce Red Ranger; Reggie Rolle, Lost Galaxy Green Ranger; Justin Nimmo, Silver Ranger from Power Rangers in Space; and Amy Rolle, Trakeena, the villainess from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

In the pursuit of reaching out to the range of Power Rangers fans that cannot attend Power Morphicon and other major Power Rangers fan events, Morphinominal Expo provides a place to talk about all your favorite Power Rangers and tokusatsu, live action shows similar to Power Rangers from Japan, as well as meet the actors from fan favorite series.

There will also be panels from the local community, cosplay competitions, and prizes at the event. Vendor’s space is available for $45 per 8 x 10 space.

Morphinominal Expo is an event created to serve South Texas in their love and support for the Power Rangers franchise. Through their community presence at local events, this event serves as an opportunity to build fans up, and welcome new fans to the great experience this fandom can provide.

Morphinominal Expo is a two day Power Rangers themed event that will feature the best of art, cosplay, comics, toys and video games. Included is an autograph and panel sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite actors from the Power Rangers franchise.

Its showrunner and co-owner, Kimberly Rabago, highlighted the Expo’s impetus in a statement to the Tokusatsu Network:

We have always been big Power Rangers fans. We belong to a Facebook group called, Texas Power Rangers we created back in 2014. It was always something we wanted to do in Texas because traveling to California or Florida for the nearest Power Rangers convention was just too much. However, we still made it out to them, but it wasn’t something a family could just get up and do.

We always said that one day we will put together something for the fans in Texas, but we were thinking small like a “Meet and Greet” — Well, now look its amongst us!

We knew though we wanted to do something different because conventions in Texas only stick to the original cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and we wanted to stray away from that. Don’t get us wrong– we love our O.G. rangers, but we wanted this to be for other Rangers who don’t usually get that shine, but are just as great.

We had a late night dinner at a local “Mama Margies” [a chain of Mexican-American restaurants] here in San Antonio, TX. As we were eating tacos, I told my friend, Paul Bernal [co-owner of the Morphinominal Expo] we should just do our own Power Rangers convention in Texas. It will be the first one ever!

He said, “Yeah” and we laughed. Then, he got super serious and said, “No, I’m for real. Lets do this. You have experience coordinating. We can do this! Let’s start saving money and planning and making it a community event.”

We both have families and decided to cater to families because we have been to other conventions and even though, they say they are “family-friendly” they really aren’t.

What makes Morphinominal Expo different? Well…we are “For The Fans by The Fans” and it’s FREE.

We said that if we worry about making profit then, we lose sight of being humble. Let’s just make this a community event for all of San Antonio and all others are welcome. We had no idea that it would get this big and the demand for a Power Ranger-themed Expo would bring the hype. For the past year, I have literally lived and breathed Power Rangers for this Expo.

At the time of this writing, the Morphinominal Expo will include the following local vendors and artists attending:


Source: Morphinominal Expo Official Website, Press Release

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