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Comics Corner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15


Comics Corner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15


The latest issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers takes a break from the action as Zordon goes on a cosmic journey.

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Daniel Bayliss

As the alternate universe storyline moves closer to its finale, MMPR takes a look at one person who’s been conspicuously missing from all the action. The Power Rangers’ wise leader, Zordon, went missing at the beginning of the arc, and issue #15 fills readers in on just where, or when, he’s been this whole time.

It turns out that the portal that opened up in the Command Center when this whole mess began not only flung Tommy and Billy to Lord Drakkon’s universe, it also sent Zordon to the space-time between universes, where he’s been trying to find out just where everything went wrong.

Guest artist Daniel Bayliss (Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York) is taking over for Hendry Prasetya this issue, and he does a great job illustrating Zordon’s adventure. Zordon moves through the ether like he’s parting water, which makes for some very creative paneling. There’s not much action, but what little there is stands out, especially as we get a look at the early parts of Lord Drakkon’s reign of terror.

Since MMPR started, Power Rangers fans have been asking for a glimpse of characters from later seasons, and this issue delivers. I won’t spoil who, but if you know your lore you can guess who Alt-Zordon calls on to join the resistance.

The highlight of the issue is a conversation between the two universes’ Zordons. It’s a conversation about both hope and regret in the face of horror, and helps keep MMPR optimistic even as it goes deeper into the story of a world gone mad.

Be sure to pick this issue up wherever comics are sold, and tune in next month for this arc’s finale.

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