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Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO Talk Show Details


Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO Talk Show Details

The screening event talk show for Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO reveals behind-the-scenes details about the spin off series. 

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The second Toei Tokusatsu Fan Meeting was held on April 15th at Tokyo, Shibuya Toei. Kamen Rider Snipe actor Ukyo Matsumoto joined the event as a surprise. This event was a screening of  「Cheat Code」Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO to celebrate the release of TV Asahi’s Tokusatsu Drama series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s first Blu-ray Box set. Before the screening, a talk show was held by the writer of the TV series Yuya Takahashi, producer Takahito Oomori, writer of Kamen Rider Snipe Takano Minato, and director Nobuhiro Suzumura.


Nobuhiro Suzumura

In Kamen Rider Snipe, the story of Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe from five years ago in CR is seen. Suzumura says “If it’s Ex-Aid, it will be Emu (Iijima Hiroki) but this time it’s Taiga who is the leader. I told him ‘In this work, you’re not the #3 Rider, you’re the leader so you have to be acting like a leader too'”.  Before the screening of Kamen Rider Snipe, he continues “Taiga is becoming softer in the TV series, but he does have a dark side, causing Hiiro Kagami to hate him. How did he become like that? What sort of person was he before? All this can be seen in this so please concentrate on his expression and the way he speaks”.


Ukyo Matsumoto

After the screening, Matsumoto, who just finished some filming, joined the stage. Discussing Taiga’s rare smile, Matsumoto mentioned that he emphasized how it was refreshing. As Taiga’s friend Maki, played by Masaki Kaji, appears he remarks “I made the scene with Maki precious, because I wanted to show that Taiga had friends too”.

In the TV series, some of Taiga’s hair is white, but in Kamen Rider Snipe he has full black hair. Takano mentions “In the TV series, Taiga was not planned to have part of his hair white. So then, how did his hair become white? I thought, no way he colored it. So I thought of writing how his hair became white. During the costume fitting, there was a plan to make his whole hair white” then Oomori laughs “We thought maybe just part of his hair [as white] would make him attractive, but then we were surprised when we saw Naga in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger!”. 


Takahito Oomori

Takahito Oomori

The filming of the fourth episode of Kamen Rider Snipe is already finished, but it’s not complete yet. Oomori mentions “The hard thing about this is that by the time the fourth episode comes out, the TV series is already finished. Even we don’t know how it will end. We’ll think about [that] while watching the series.”. He hints “From the fourth episode, it continues to Ex-Aid‘s  first episode. It was also revealed that it connects to Hiiro’s girlfriend, Saki’s, story too”.

To the question “Through filming the TV series, what is your favorite scene?” Matsumoto mentions the scene where Hiiro grabs Taiga’s collar and he answered “It was filmed after Snipe, so I was able to take everything on my back and act”.

Takano talks about Taiga’s “Bang!” said at the beginning of Kamen Rider Snipe, “I asked Matsumoto-san ‘Sorry, can you say that ‘Bang’ like you’re whispering it? It’s okay if you forget about it in the voice recording… I’m also a TTFC (Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club) member, just like the audience here! So as a fan, I wanted to point out on the acting as well since he’s reading out the line I wrote”.


Ukyo Matsumoto

In the final comment, Matsumoto remarks “In Kamen Rider Snipe, I played Taiga with love. All the cast say they have a feeling that Taiga is gonna die (laughs), I can’t say anything about it. I’ll be treasuring my love for playing Taiga”.

Yuya Takahashi

Yuya Takahashi

Takahashi announced previously that he finished writing the Summer film, which will be in theaters August 5th. As it is said, the film will be Ex-Aid’s real ending, Oomori mentions “The filming hasn’t started yet, but we will be working full on in the medical field. Of course, it’ll be gaming too”.

Source: Eiga Natalie

Massive Kamen Rider fan and cosplayer.

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