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Next Time on Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 4


Next Time on Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 4


Raptor dreams of fighting alongside the Kyurangers in Episode 4 of Uchi Sentai Kyuranger: The Dreaming Android.

Space.4: The Dreaming Android

Directed by Teruaki Sugihara
Written by Nobuhiro Mouri

The Orion comes to Earth.  There’s always one Daikan on every planet, but there are multiple Daikans confirmed to be on board the Moraimarz on Earth.  Lucky and the others head down to Earth, where the Daikan known as Yumepakkun steals and eats the dreams of children.  Lucky and the others transform and fight as the Kyurangers.  Raptor dreams of fighting together with the Kyurangers, and her wild ideas and fascinations with fighting are only getting bigger.  Yumepakkun invades Raptor’s big dreams and destroys them with fears.  Spada and the others believe Raptor’s dreams are dangerous and oppose them, but Lucky thinks otherwise.

Sources: TV-Asahi, Toei

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