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The Tokusatsu Network’s Red Ranger Marries Couple


The Tokusatsu Network’s Red Ranger Marries Couple


The Tokusatsu Network’s very own Robin Caine took part in officiating a cosplay wedding over the weekend.

Robin Caine, being the tokusatsu fan he is, chose to become the Red Ranger and even wore the Green Ranger’s Dragon Shield because according to him you have to be “formal at a wedding.” He morphed into the Red Ranger at 7:30 AM in the morning and walked over to the Hale Koa Hotel alongside his friends at 8:00 AM. There he checked out the Maile Garden where he would be performing the ceremony. He spokes the philosophy of married from the for the newlywed. It was a guiding word for the journey of the couple as one. The bright sun blessed the gardens with its own positive energy, allowing Caine to relax with every breath as he has been attempting to memorize three different speeches that only reached their first drafts. He then met up with the bride and groom as well as the bridesmaids for a special

Caine then met up with the bride and groom as well as the bridesmaids for a special photoshoot that caught the attention of many guests of the area. He was both nervous and delighted to be getting so much attention but he knew he had to brush it off as he knew he would not be as nervous as the engaged couple. Unfortunately, his anxiety caught up to him and he admitted to Daniel that he was not prepared with a speech because of the fear of screwing up his lines and making their special day a mess. With confidence, the groom assured Caine that no matter what, they love him, and they chose him to officiate their wedding because of who he is and not what he expects of himself.


Thanks to Daniel, Caine was now able to stand tall and go through with the minister speech. The ceremony began at approximately 9:30 AM. Some kind of wedding music played, and everyone’s attention focused on the bride walking behind a flower girl dressed as Rey from Star Wars. The bride was beautiful, and the groom could not keep his eyes off of her. The couple stood face to face and now the attention was drawn to the Red Ranger. Can the power of the Tyrannosaurus help him go through with the speech?

Can the power of the Tyrannosaurus help him go through with the speech?

Robin took a deep breath, unfortunately, that did not help him relax a bit because a mic was embedded inside his helmet to ensure his speech could be heard by everyone. He thanked everyone for coming to the wedding to bear witness to the marriage commitment. He announced to everyone that he could only remember the key points to the speeches he made on paper. He proceeded to talk about the creation of his speech, and how he asked his friends in the room a few weeks ago about what they believe love to be. His friends gave him a bunch of responses: illogical, redefining, Ash and Pikachu, Ash and Serena, a tangent about the theory behind Ash’s Pikachu and how the current Pikachu that travels alongside him is his second Pikachu, and last but not least, the Hot Pot meal that he shared with his friends.

He went on and on about love but then ended his speech by saying that there is plenty of definitions of love, and he does not know what the correct answer is, but he knows that Daniel and Robyn are one definition of love that goes beyond “Ash and Pikachu…and hot pot.” Despite his helmet sheltering himself from noise and sound beyond 15 feet, Caine was able to hear at least gleeful laughter among the crowd and among the couple.


With more confidence, he proceeded with the vows followed by high fives he shared with the couple after he had them repeat after himself. After the vows, the rings were then presented. A  Little Kylo Ren presented Daniel with a ring, while Little Rey presented Robyn with a ring. Caine lost his mind when he saw that the ring Daniel placed onto Robyn’s ring finger was a piece that attached itself to the current ring Robyn had on her finger to complete the look.

“I now pronounce you…wait for it…husband and wife!”

Daniel and Robyn were a Jedi and Pirate queen respectively. They have known and loved each other for eight years and will continue to cherish each other as they have before until eternity…”even if there’s a fire” as Caine put it.

The Tokusatsu Network congratulates your marriage and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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