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Next Time on Ultraman Orb: Episode 20

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Next Time on Ultraman Orb: Episode 20


Naomi tries to learn more about Juggler in Episode 20 of Ultraman Orb: The Trigger of Revenge.

Episode 20: The Trigger of Revenge

In his quest to avenge the Planet Invasion Union, Alien Metron Tarude goes after Juggler. An injured Juggler is rescued by Naomi in an unexpected encounter.

Naomi, in spite of knowing Juggler is a villain, tends to his wounds and questions him about his relationship with Gai. Juggler starts talking about their past but Tarude has found them!

Ultraman Orb is currently streaming via Crunchyroll. New episodes with English subtitles are released every Friday at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST to paid users and one week later to users with free accounts.

Source: TV-Tokyo

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