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S.H.Figuarts V-Machine Announced


S.H.Figuarts V-Machine Announced


Premium Bandai announced the S.H.Figuarts release of Kamen Rider Super-1’s bike, the V-Machine.

The S.H.Figuarts release of the the V-Machine is slated to include stand parts for additional posing.

For collectors that missed out on the release of S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Super-1 quite a long time ago, a set including the original figure and the V-Machine together is also being sold. That set includes the same stand parts as well as ten additional hands, a sword weapon, alternate scarf piece, alternate arm tassels, and the various different gloves of the Five Hand.

Preorders for the V-Machine and the Kamen Rider Super-1 and V-Machine Set are currently live and will conclude at an unannounced date.

Both the V-Machine and the set with Super-1 will release in April, 2017. The standalone V-Machine will retail for ¥7,560 before fees and shipping while the set will retail for ¥11,664 before fees and shipping.

Source: Premium Bandai (V-Machine), Premium Bandai (Set)

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