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Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes Coming in 2017


Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes Coming in 2017


A tokusatsu entitled Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes will be released in April 2017.

According to the official website, the heroines will defeat evil with live dances and music in order to protect the world.

According to the synopsis:

The Land of Music ruled by the Demon King. The king steals an item called the “Music Jewels” is stolen by magic, and turned the people of the land into evil called “Negative Jewels.”

The Land of Music’s Fairy Rhythms team up with a three person idol group called the “Miraclemiracles” work together to bring us the Idol Senshi Miracle Tunes.

With the power of music, the Miracle Tunes purifies the “Negative Jewels,” and revert them back into “Sound Jewels.” Can they defeat the Demon King and bring peace back to the Land of Music?


The cast includes Suzuka Adachi, Asaka Uchida, and Yubaha Ada who will portray Mai Kanzaki, Kanon Ichinose, and Fuuka Tachibana respectively.

Lastly, the Fairy Rhythms will be named Rocky (Mai’s pair), Poppun (Kanon’s pair), and Kuranosuke (Fuuka’s pair). They like the musical genres rock, pop, and classical music respectively.

Takara Tomy is producing the show, detailed staff have yet to be revealed.

Source: Miracle Tunes Official Site


Long time Tokusatsu fan.



  1. JuhllyMBS

    October 3, 2016 at 10:18 am

    Wait… Is this… Actual live action show? I’m mildly confused.

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