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This Week in Toku Toys [07/31 – 08/06]


This Week in Toku Toys [07/31 – 08/06]


This Week in Toku Toys, Ultraman Orb takes center stage, plus Ghost and Zyuohger‘s movie toys debut.

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It’s a huge week for Ultraman fans as the Ultraman Orb line continues to grow. Debuting this week is Orb’s Hurricane Slash form, a combination of Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Zero. Of course fans of the form can get the Ultra Hero Orb release of Hurricane Slash, the third in the series for ¥648.

Ultra Fusion Card collectors will be happy to know a Hurricane Slash Set is also releasing containing cards for Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Cosmos, Red King, and Eleking to create new fusions and sounds in the DX Orb Ring. The Ultra Fusion Card Hurricane Slash Set retails for ¥1,296.

Also releasing this week is the DX Orb Slugger Lance, the main weapon for Orb’s Hurricane Slash form. The toy, albeit smaller in scale, features a rotating orb in the center and three different attack options. The Orb Slugger Lance retails for ¥4,104.

The hilariously awesome Ultra Noodle Series is beginning this week as well. The Ultra Noodle Series is a line of small transformable toys in a similar vein to the Ultra Egg series of the past. Each release is based around a various Ultra Hero or Ultra Monster and is designed in one of the many sizes and shapes of actual Instant Noodle packages. Some are cups, some are small bowls, others are boxed.

The first set of six consists of Ultraman, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman X, Ultraman Belial, Alien Baltan, and Damaaga. Each Ultra Noodle Series toy retails for ¥916 a piece.

Godzilla fans excited for Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) will be pleased to know they can pick up the various forms of Godzilla seen in the film as the newest vinyl figures. The Movie Monster Series of vinyl figures are releasing the “younger” forms of Godzilla.

The pale second stage of Godzilla’s evolution stands roughly 95mm high while the red third stage of Godzilla’s evolution stands 130mm tall. Both retail for ¥1,728 each.

For fans of the more traditional Godzilla appearance, the fully evolved form of Godzilla can be purchased in the Monster King series of vinyl figures. This Godzilla stands 280mm tall and costs ¥5,184.


This weekend marks the debut of the Kamen Rider Ghost and Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger feature films. The Kamen Rider Ghost the film premiers Kamen Rider Dark Ghost, a new character that uses the Dark Ghost Eyecon and Napoleon Ghost Eyecons.

Takeru also gains the power of the Darwin Ghost Eyecon in the movie. All three movie exclusive Ghost Eyecons will be sold in a set together for ¥2,160.

Zyuohger‘s movie exclusive mecha also lands this week with the release of Cube Condor! Cube Condor is a remold of Cube Gorilla’s body, using a remold of the Big King Sword to act as the neck and head of the condor.

This unique Zyuoh Cube can combine with Cube Tiger and Cube Elephant to form Condor Wild. Of course, Cube Condor can combine with other Zyuoh Cube series releases to make more unique combinations. Cube Condor is available for ¥3,024

Source and Image Source: Bandai Boys’ Toy Page

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