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Next Time On Ultraman Orb: Episode 5

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Next Time On Ultraman Orb: Episode 5

Ultraman Orb 5

All is not as it seems as Naomi runs into a another alien chaser in Episode 5 of Ultraman OrbA heart that doesn’t escape.

Episode 5: A heart that doesn’t escape

Naomi encounters a girl claiming to be chasing aliens. However, her true identity is Maddock, an Alien Zetton! He takes Naomi hostage and intends to lure out Gai.

Also, Hyper Zetton Death Scythe appears. Orb becomes Hurricane Slash and faces the monster!

Ultraman Orb is currently streaming via Crunchyroll. New episodes with English subtitles are released every Friday at 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST to paid users and one week later to users with free accounts.

Source: TV-Tokyo

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