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Next Time On Kamen Rider Ghost: Episode 41

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Next Time On Kamen Rider Ghost: Episode 41

Ghost 41a

The Hermit enters the battle in Episode 41 of Kamen Rider GhostMove! The Chief’s Decision.

Episode 41: Move! The Chief’s Decision.
Written by Keiichi Hasegawa
Directed by Kyohei Yamaguchi

Takeru only has 19 days left. Feeling uneasy at the fact that he is apparently losing his humanity, he talks to Akari. She assures him that they will do whatever they can to help him revive. However, Takeru is troubled by his powerlessness. He calls the Hermit but Akari is infuriated at the old man’s response. Beethoven possesses Akari in her rage, greatly increasing it and causing a ruckus at the Tenkuji Temple. Everyone tries to think of a solution.

Meanwhile, in the Gamma world, Aedis has decided to put a stop to Adel. He obtains an Eyecon when Adel tries to connect with the Great Eye, however he only managed to break the connection and send Adel into the human world. Adel and Aedis fight. Takeru and the others come to his aid. Aedis and Takeru’s encounter will lead to the truth about the Gamma World.

Sources: TV-Asahi, Toei

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