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Kamen Rider Agito Cast Reunite for Agito Blu-Ray Box Set Interviews


Kamen Rider Agito Cast Reunite for Agito Blu-Ray Box Set Interviews


The Kamen Rider Agito cast will reunite for a special interview on upcoming Blu-Ray releases.

One of the special features of the new Kamen Rider Agito Blu-Ray Box 3 is a cast reunion. After 15 years, Toshiki Kashu, Rina Akiyama, Takeshi Masu, and Tokimase Tanabe reunited for the first time.

Kamen Rider Agito is the second series of the Heisei Kamen Rider revival, which aired on TV Asahi from January 2001 to January 2002. Kamen Riders Agito (Toshiki Kashu), G3 (Jun Kaname), and Gills (Yusuke Tomoi) confronted a mysterious life form called “Unknowns”.

The Agito Blu-Ray Box 3 will be released on January 11, 2017 for a suggested retail price of 10,000 yen.

The cast also recently gathered to reflect on the series.

Toshiki Kashu
I could tell Mr. Masu and Rina, but Taichi (Tanabe) had grown up so much I was like, ‘Who is this?’ (laughs). I just had this idea of him being still little.

Takeshi Masu
I met Kashu through other jobs and I had met Rina a number of times but I had not seen Taichi in a while.

Rina Akiyama
Back then we were like the kids (Akiyama and Tanabe) and the grownups (Kashu and Masu), but right now it is just three grown men and me and I was lost for words at first.

The conversation went from saying how much Tanabe had grown up to Akiyama’s marriage and motherhood.

Tokimase Tanabe
I felt everyone had stayed pretty much the same but then again Akiyama became a mom!

Kashu and Masu joined in congratulating her, not hiding their surprise.

Toshiki Kashu
I hope that everyone who sees the series again, now on Blu-Ray, can go back in time and feel, like I do, that it is not over and that “Agito” may return.

Takeshi Masu
Seeing the series be first in VHS, then DVD and now in Blu-Ray really shows how time passes. I think that the cast returning after 15 years and talking Agito again is a big bonus material. You should look forward to it.

Rina Akiyama
The fact that there is a Blu-Ray release means there are still fans out there and I am very thankful for that. I hope that both the fans that watched in real time and new, younger fans enjoy it.

Tokimase Tanabe
I became a fan myself by watching videos, so I look forward to seeing new fans that watch the series for the first time.

The first edition special will be a Blu-Ray box for all the episodes.

Kamen Rider Agito Blu-Ray BOX 1 is out on September 14th 2016.
Episodes 1 to 17
Includes a special reunion talk with the three riders (Toshiki Kashu (Agito), Jun Kaname (G3) and Yusuke Tomoi (Gills))

BOX 2 out on November 9th.
Episodes 18 to 35
Includes a special reunion talk with the G3 Unit (Jun Kaname (G3), Toko Fujita (Ozawa), Jun Yamasaki (Hojo) and Akiyoshi Shibata (Omuro)

BOX 3 out on January 11th.
Episodes 36 to 51 plus the “A New Transformation” special.
Includes a special reunion talk with the Misugi Household ( Toshiki Kashu (Shoichi Tsugami), Rina Akiyama (Mana Kazaya), Takeshi Masu (Yoshihiko Misugi, and Tokimase Tanabe (Taichi Misugi).

The reunion talk segments will only be available on the first editions.

Source: Cinema Today

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