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Tamashii Features 2016 Roundup: Tokusatsu S.H.Figuarts


Tamashii Features 2016 Roundup: Tokusatsu S.H.Figuarts


The newest Tamashii Nations event brought us a sneak peek into the future of S.H.Figuarts products for Kamen Rider and Ultraman.

One of the most anticipated (and teased) reveals of the event was certainly the two titular characters from the popular Kamen Rider Amazons web series, Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega.

Amazon Omega was previously teased by Tamashii Nations, and formally revealed with his fellow Amazon at the show. Also shown off at the event was Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha’s personal bike, the Junglaider. All three figures have no listed release date or method of release as of yet.

Tamashii Nations’ previous reveal of Shinkocchou Seihou S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker also made its physical debut at the show, showcasing the release of the Tamashii Effect Wind add ons in both green and purple to compliment CycloneJoker’s appearance.

Also shown for the first time is the Hardboilder, Double’s personal bike. It is currently unknown if this is a new tooling of the Hardboilder, or if it is simply a re-release or slight revision of the previously released S.H.Figuarts EX Hardboilder nearly six years ago.

Drive and Ghost both revealed nothing new in their lines at the show. Drive showcased the physical reveal of the previously announced Kamen Rider Zero Drive and Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron. Type Tridoron’s release date remains to be known at this time.

Ghost’s only new addition is a look at the S.H.Figuarts release of Kamen Rider Specter’s Machine Hoodie. The figures for Edison Damashii, Robin Damashii, and Newton Damashii were also on display again, none of which have announced release dates.

Finally the previously announced Kamen Rider Ghost Grateful Damashii was also showcased, along with its exclusive Omega Formation display piece. Kamen Rider Necrom also came along for the ride, with his figure’s release right on the horizon.

To coincide with the recent release of the Kabuto Extender, as well as the soon to be released Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider Gatack, Bandai teased the release of Gatack’s bike, the Gatack Extender. While no date was announced, an actual reveal can’t be too far behind.


The newest design of Kamen Rider #1 which debuted in the recent Kamen Rider anniversary film, will officially be making its S.H.Figuarts debut this October. Alongside him at the event was the newest version of the Cyclone, the Neo Cyclone. Unfortunately the Neo Cyclone didn’t have a release date attached, but is sure to make a nice addition to the new Rider #1 design.

Leaving the realm of Kamen Rider, Tamashii Nations is in top gear to promote their new Ultraman S.H.Figuarts releases. Showcased at the show are the soon to be released Ultraman (July 2016) and Baltan (August 2016) figures, as well as an associated line of Tamashii Effects Building sets to display alongside the figures. New figures to the show include Zetton, a fan favorite alien set to debut in October 2016 and Zoffy, the second Ultra in the series that aided Ultraman. Zoffy has no confirmed release date at this time.

The biggest shock to the fandom came in the form of a reveal of an S.H.Figuarts release of Takeshi Hongo, Kamen Rider #1’s human identity. After the announcement of S.H.Figuarts Tony Stark, it seems Bandai wants to raise the bar on their human figures. The figure’s release date and method hasn’t been revealed at this time, but it has certainly made many excited.

Also revealed late into the show is a new Tamashii Stage ACT.Wireless. The stage is said to have NFC related technology that will be able to power small LEDs contained in future S.H.Figuarts releases. Shown on display is a new release of Kamen Rider Black known as the “Luminosity Ver.” that contains small LEDs in the eyes of the figure that glow when used in conjunction with an ACT.Wireless stage. No further information regarding the stages are available at this time.

Source and Image Source: AmiAmi Hobby News, Dengeki Hobby

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