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Next Time on Kamen Rider Ghost: Episode 30

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Next Time on Kamen Rider Ghost: Episode 30


Alain loses hope while Takeru and Yuki search for answers in Episode 30 of Kamen Rider GhostEternity! A heart’s scream.

Episode 30: Eternity! A heart’s scream.
Written by Nobuhiro Mouri
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto

Alain had brought a drawing set for Fumi but her Takoyaki stand is full of people looking worried while an ambulance is seen rushing away. Alain cannot believe what he hears once he asks what happened, his hope fading away yet again…

Yuki has infiltrated Deep Connect and it is none other than CEO Bills who finds her, but offers her his help. Takeru and the others come aftewards and, while not fully trusting Bills, they follow him. Yuki finally reaches where her father is but a terrible truth awaits.

Sources: TV-Asahi, Toei

Translator and interpreter among other things. A not so engaged yet passionate tokusatsu fan.

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