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Director Kiyotaka Taguchi Teaches Kids How To Make a Kaiju Movie


Director Kiyotaka Taguchi Teaches Kids How To Make a Kaiju Movie

Kaiju Movie

Ultraman X director Kiyotaka Taguchi teaches a group of children how to make a Kaiju movie out of household items in a new YouTube video.

In a new video released via the Tsuburaya Productions Official YouTube channel, Director Kiyotaka Taguchi, the main director for Ultraman X as well as the recently released tie-in movie Ultraman X: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman, works with three young children to create their own kaiju movie by using easily obtained household items.

Using cardboard, construction paper, blankets, plastic containers, and many other common items and utensils, Taguchi helps the team build a monster suit, a robot suit, buildings, vehicles, utility poles, and signs to create a miniature set for their battle to take place. The director then uses his phone to film the battle between Ultraman X, acted by one of the kids, and the robot/monster duo.

At the end of the video, the viewers are encouraged to try their hand at making a tokusatsu movie and to email the address on screen with a chance that Taguchi himself will share some advice. There is also mention of the “Ultraman X Complete Works Book” that is currently on sale for 1700 yen through Terebi-kun Deluxe.

Ultraman X: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman is currently playing in theaters in Japan and is directed by the TV series’ head director, Kiyotaka Taguchi.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions YouTube Channel

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