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Premium Bandai Ganma Eyecon Set (Movie War Genesis ver.) Details Revealed


Premium Bandai Ganma Eyecon Set (Movie War Genesis ver.) Details Revealed


Premium Bandai recently revealed contents and details regarding the previously announced Ganma Eyecon Set (Movie War Genesis ver.) from the upcoming Kamen Rider Ghost film. 

Premium Bandai announced the Ganma Eyecon Set (Movie War Genesis ver.) a few days ago, but only posted a quick tease of the set. Now that pre-orders for the set are live, Premium Bandai has fully revealed all the details surrounding the Movie War Genesis themed Eyecon set.

The set in total includes five all new Ganma Eyecons. Unlike the previous Ganma Eyecon Set, these Eyecons are designed quite different. Instead of being an eyeball shape with a tail attached, these Ganma Eyecons are shaped to more closely resemble the Ghost Eyecons of the series. These feature the similar claw and eye shape of the Ganma Eyecon’s front, but are more rounded in the back with a scale design.

Another highlight of these Eyecons is that unlike the lack of features of the previously announced set, these Ganma Eyecons do feature the picture flipping gimmick of the actual Ghost Eyecons. These cycle from the normal camera like lens to reveal that specific Ganma’s logo design, similar to Ghost’s helmet designs in the normal Ghost Eyecons. Unfortunately, despite having this included gimmick, the Ganma Eyecons can’t be used in the Ghost Driver.

The set includes the Da Vinci Ganma Eyecon, the Raffaello (Raphael) Ganma Eyecon, and the Michelangelo Ganma Eyecon. These are the three main Ganma introduced in the Movie War Genesis film. Also included is a transformation Ganma Eyecon for Javel. While the previous Ganma Eyecon released for Javel is the one that makes up his being, this is the Ganma Eyecon he uses to transform into the Ganma Superior. Finally, there is one more secret Ganma Eyecon included in the set that Premium Bandai will reveal at a later date.

The Ganma Eyecon Set (Movie War Genesis ver.) will release in May, 2016 for ¥6.480 before middleman fees or shipping costs. This exclusive is limited to 6,500 units in total. Once that order limit is reached, pre-orders for the set will close. As a Premium Bandai item, be sure to contact your preferred middleman service or online store to get an order in before they close!

Source: Premium Bandai

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