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‘Jiraiya’ Star, Takumi Tsutsui’s Thoughts on Returning for Ninninger


‘Jiraiya’ Star, Takumi Tsutsui’s Thoughts on Returning for Ninninger

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After about 27 years, the Metal Hero from Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya returns in Ninninger.

Many of the ninja themed Super Sentai have made an appearance on this year’s Super Sentai series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Ninja Red from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger as well as Hurricane Red from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. The latest appearance, in addition to Power Ranger: Dino Charge’s Yoshi Sudarso brief cameo, was Jiraiya from the Metal Hero series.

Takumi Tsutsui, who returns as Jiraiya, appeared as a companion to the Ninningers. According to Yahoo! Japan, while the Wardrobe Department was reviewing the storehouse, they exhumed the screen used martial arts uniform and Bujinkan crest. It is considered a treasure to long time tokusatsu fans. To fans, Tsutsui looks no different from 27 years ago, maintaining a slim figure and considered nothing short of miraculous.

Moreover, Jiraiya’s nostalgic theme, sung by Akira Kushida, will play at a critical moment, so it is important for viewers to stay in their seats while viewing the episode.

The story featured a Konaki Jiji apparition from the original story, who forces the youth to carry the old. In this case, AkaNinger is hit, and had to fight while carrying Jiraiya on his back.

When Jiraiya’s appearance was confirmed, Tsutsui said that “I was very happy. When the Dekaranger 10 Years After was being filmed, I half-jokingly said we should do a Jiraiya 30 Years After to the staff. Then a few weeks later I heard talks about appearing on a Ninninger episode, and was surprised that they wanted me to appear in it.”

“Showa’s Last Hero, Jiraiya, appeared 27 years ago. Those who have watched it back then are now 30-ish years old, happily married, and with children of their own. It’ll be a good episode for those who yearn for those days, and you’ll be able to enjoy it with your children. It’s okay for those who are disappointed with it. Please enjoy it as you please.” Tsutsui closed with a passionate statement.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan

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