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Various Tamashii Nations 2015 Exclusives Revealed


Various Tamashii Nations 2015 Exclusives Revealed

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Alongside S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Proto-Drive, Tamashii Nations has revealed five other exclusive releases set to be released at the upcoming convention.

Tamashii Nations is an event held annually in October or November that showcases the new items in all of Tamashii Nation’s collector lines including S.H.Figuarts, Robot Damashii, Ultra-Act, and more. Every year, a number of exclusive figures are sold to attendees of the event. We’ve already taken a look at S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Proto-Drive, the only tokusatsu related item at the event, but there are still five other times fans can get their hands on. Tamashii Nations 2015 will be held from October 30th, 2015 to November 01st, 2015.

Continuing onto S.H.Figuarts, Tamashii Nations will be releasing the Shadow Trooper from the Star Wars franchise. The figure itself is a black repaint of the Stormtroopers released earlier this year. Like Proto-Drive, the Shadow Trooper will cost ¥4,500 at the event. Unfortunately there is no other information about the figure at this time.

The Tamashii Effect line has grown a lot in 2015, and is now receiving its first exclusive release. This release is a redeco of the Burning Flame effect piece released earlier in the year. Unlike the original red or blue variations, this one is a “Dark Ver.” giving the fire an evil purple and black coloring. Burning Flame Dark Ver. will cost ¥2,500 at the event.

Next is a new Metalbuild release featuring the Destiny Gundam (Heine Custom) from Gundam Seed Destiny. Destiny Gundam will cost a whopping ¥19,000 at the event. There is also an additional release from the Armored Girls Project series of Musashi from Kantai Collection, a popular web game in Japan. Musashi will be available for ¥13,000. Finally, an all new Saint Cloth Myth EX release is being distributed of Aries Mu from Saint Seiya. Aries here will cost you ¥8,000.

All five of these releases are only available at the event, and it is currently unknown if any these releases will be released later via Tamashii Web. Some middleman services that attend the event do sell these, so be sure to hit up your favorite middleman service to check on the availability of these items.

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