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New High-Grade Gundam Models for Pre-order


New High-Grade Gundam Models for Pre-order

Titan Gundam MK II version

Titan Gundam MK II version

New Gundam models are available for pre-order including models for the upcoming Gundam anime Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Super Fumina

Several new High-Grade (HG) Gundam model kits (also known as GunPla) will be made available this upcoming November. Among the new releases are GunPla for the newest installment in the Gundam franchise, Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans.

In total there are three model kits for the new Gundam series.

  1. “Hykuri” is a transformable mobile that can fly. The model includes a stand and twin rifles. This GunPla is available for $13.99.
  2. “Hyakuren” comes with a sword, sheath, a rifle, and a pair of knuckles that can be mounted over the hands. The knuckles can be stored on the hip when not mounted on the hands. This GunPla is available for $10.99.
  3. “Graze Kai” is equipped with a rifle and a battle axe that can be attached to the model. This model is an upgraded Graze mass production unit used by the Earth organization “Gjallarhorn.” This GunPla is available for $10.99.

In addition to the models for Blood-Iron Orphans is a MS Option Set 2 & CGS Mobile Worker (Space Use type). This is a HG accessory set that comes with boosters, missile launcher, bazooka, shoulder modules, and mounting parts. A Mobile Worker model can also be made from parts included. This GunPla is available for $6.99.

Two classic Gundams are also going to be released in HG 1/144th scale size. The Gundam MK II from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (1985) in both “Titan” colors and “AEUG” colors. Both model kits are updated versions from the previous released MK II GunPlas. Using new modeling techniques these models now conform to the universal HG style making these more easily customized like all other recent GunPla.

Both GunPla come with two beam sabers, beam rifle, clay bazooka, shield, and head mounted Vulcan cannon pod. The “Titan” version comes with marking stickers not included in the “AEUG” version. Both GunPla are available for $16.99.

With the completion of the Gundam Build Fighter Try, many new GunPla were released based on the customized version in the anime. The final episode featured a GunPla called the “Super Fumina” and was based off one of the main characters. The model was constructed by the character Minato Sakai as were several other GunPla in the series. This model was spawned from Sakai’s affection for Fumina and his obsession with GunPla. Super Fumina’s pupils have been recreated with foil stickers layered by transparent lenses and comes equipped with a beam rifle, shield with beam sabers, two beam cannons, and changeable hands. This GunPla is available for $19.99.

All GunPla are currently available for pre-order and will be released this upcoming November.

Source: Press Release via BlueFin


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