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DX Banno Driver Details and Functions Announced


DX Banno Driver Details and Functions Announced

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Details and functions of the previously teased DX Banno Driver have finally been revealed by Premium Bandai as the toy prepares for a February, 2016 release.

Earlier this month, Premium Bandai teased the release of the DX Banno Driver, the device used by Professor Banno to transform into Gold Drive. Unfortunately, no other information was revealed at the time, citing a September 30th announcement date. As promised, Bandai has updated the page of the toy to reveal the key features and sounds of the toy.


The toy, much like the DX Lupin Gunner, is a stripped down version of the DX Drive Driver modified to highlight the features of Banno and Gold Drive in the series. The initial turn of the key will activate the transformation noise for Gold Drive. This also will activate the sound played when Gold Drive stole one of Drive, Mach, or Chaser’s weapons in the show.


When the button on the Shift Brace is pressed, one of 30 phrases said by Professor Banno and Gold Drive will be played from the toy. One of the phrases contained in the toy is the phrase said during an important scene in Episode 46 of the series that fans are sure to love.


Finally, the toy will play a final attack noise and jingle when a Shift Car is inserted into the brace. Unfortunately, the sounds present will not change depending on what Shift Car, Signal Bike, or Viral Core is inserted into the toy. Each one will produce the same sound.

The DX Banno Driver is up for order at ¥6,480 before middleman fees and shipping. Pre-orders will end December 18th, 2015 with the toy finally releasing in February, 2016 exclusively from Premium Bandai.

Source: Premium Bandai

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