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Unconfirmed Power Rangers Movie Character Descriptions Surface


Unconfirmed Power Rangers Movie Character Descriptions Surface


Earlier this week, Collider revealed rumored character descriptions and names for the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

Collider, a website under COMPLEX, posted unconfirmed early character descriptions of the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers movie. It is speculated that the upcoming movie will be going for a more “mature” take on the characters.

  • Jason is a football star who damaged his knee in a car accident. In the beginning of the movie he feels lost and by the end he will be the leader of a group of teens in the search to find their true selves.
  • Kimberly is a former popular girl who had an unexplained absence from school for six months. With rumors circulating as to why, she becomes a “rebel-without-a-cause” type of girl with deep secret.
  • Trini is the perpetual new girl. Her parents move constantly forcing her to be a self sufficient, and observant girl. She is really looking for her own group of friends but will not admit it to herself.
  • Billy is an intelligent and socially awkward kid who has trouble dealing with his OCD and understanding sarcasm. He has never really had any friends and ends up gravitating towards Jason.
  • Zack is the “cool” kid. He is a star athlete who never lacks any confidence in himself and makes everything about himself open, except for one thing. He keeps the fact that he lives in a trailer park with his mother a secret because he is deeply ashamed of their poverty.

The new Power Rangers movie from Lionsgate and Saban Entertainment will be in theaters January 13th 2017.

Source: Collider

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