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Jorge and Yas Talk About Stuff – Episode 2: Spring/Summer 2015 Anime


Jorge and Yas Talk About Stuff – Episode 2: Spring/Summer 2015 Anime

Jorge and Yas Episode 2 Art

In this episode, Jorge and Yas talk about the anime they were watching in Spring 2015 as well as what they look forward to see in Summer 2015.

Recorded: June 30, 2015


We’re back with the Jorge and Yas Talk About Stuff podcast and this time, we’ll be talking about anime. All…the anime. We both recently developed a system to help us keep up with all of the shows that we are watching. So in this episode, we’ll talk about our viewing schedules, what Spring 2015 anime shows we’ve been watching as well as what shows from the Summer 2015 line-up we were anticipating to check out (This episode was recorded a week before the Summer anime season began).

Come back in August where we’ll discuss legally streaming tokusatsu, mainly the simulcasting of Ultraman X on Crunchyroll!

Show Notes:

– “Summer 2015 Anime Preview” from Random Curiousity
– “How to Destroy your Anime Backlog” from Anime News Network

Intro: “Ouroboros” Kevin MacLeod (
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