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This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [4/13 to 4/19]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs [4/13 to 4/19]


This Week in Toku Actor Blogs, we find out what the cast of Kamen Rider Gaim has been up to.

  • Gaku Sano (Kouta/Kamen Rider Gaim) will be starring in a live action stage play of Ryu Ga Gotoku as Akira Nishikiyama.
  • Yutaka Kobayashi (Kaito/Kamen Rider Baron) was recently featured on USTREAM asking questions broadcasted by CBC.
  • Yuumi Shida (Mai Takatsukasa) recently went to a park in order to see cherry blossoms fall.


  • Mahiro Takasugi (Micchy/Kamen Rider Ryugen) is starring in a drama called An Adult’s Novel.
  • Yuki Kubota (Takatora/Kamen Rider Zangetsu) gets to sit down and chat with two members of the Shonan Bellmare football team.
  • Tsukui Minami (Yoko/Kamen Rider Marika) enjoys a cup of coffee on her way back from Fukuoka.


  • Gaku Matsuda (Zack/Kamen Rider Knuckle) enjoys a screening of the new Dragonball Z movie.
  • Metal Yoshida (Oren/Kamen Rider Bravo) has been a part of a retelling of Wizard of Oz called The Wiz.

All images posted are from blogs and social media of various actors and linked to their date and source accordingly.

Long time Tokusatsu fan.

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