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New CSM Diendriver & Diend Belt Information & PV


New CSM Diendriver & Diend Belt Information & PV


After a new update on the Premium Bandai order page, a load of new information regarding the Complete Selection Modification Diendriver & Diend Belt has been released.


The Complete Selection Modification Diendriver is now available to order from Premium Bandai’s website. This means, Bandai has released all the information on the next exciting installment in the CSM series. To promote the release, Bandai has brought in Kimito Totani (Daiki Kaito, Kamen Rider Diend) and Tatsuhito Okuda (Narutaki) to demonstrate the new functions of the toy. Bandai has uploaded the video to their YouTube channel, viewable below.

As many fans anticipated, the toy has been upgraded from its DX release to feature a full functioning card reader. As demonstrated in the video, the reader is capable of reading all cards included with the Diendriver, as well as cards featured in the CSM Decadriver and Rider Card releases. Unfortunately, the page does not specify if all cards included with the Decadriver and Rider Card set will be compatible with the Diendriver. Additionally, just like in the show, multiple cards can be slid into the Diendriver at one time, though only one card can be activated at a time. The Diendriver itself features a screen accurate metallic paint job, as well as aluminum gun tips coated in a metallic finish. The Diendriver includes 39 all new Rider Cards that have full compatibility with both the Diendriver and the Decadriver. These cards feature mostly secondary Riders, but also contains a number of Diend attack cards as well.

Complete Selection Modification Diendriver & Diend Belt
Card Type Card Name Sound in Diendriver Sound in Decadriver
Kamen Ride Diend Kamen Ride! Diend! Kamen Ride! Diend!
Kamen Ride Diend Complete Kamen Ride! Diend Complete! Kamen Ride! Diend Complete!
Kamen Ride G3 Kamen Ride! G3! Kamen Ride! G3!
Kamen Ride G4 Kamen Ride! G4! Kamen Ride! G4!
Kamen Ride Ouja Kamen Ride! Ouja! Kamen Ride! Ouja!
Kamen Ride Scissors Kamen Ride! Scissors! Kamen Ride! Scissors!
Kamen Ride Gai Kamen Ride! Gai! Kamen Ride! Gai!
Kamen Ride Raia Kamen Ride! Raia! Kamen Ride! Raia!
Kamen Ride Ryuga Kamen Ride! Ryuga! Kamen Ride! Ryuga!
Kamen Ride Femme Kamen Ride! Femme! Kamen Ride! Femme!
Kamen Ride Riotrooper Kamen Ride! Riotroopers! Kamen Ride! Riotroopers!
Kamen Ride Kaixa Kamen Ride! Kaixa! Kamen Ride!
Kamen Ride Delta Kamen Ride! Delta! Kamen Ride! Delta!
Kamen Ride Psyga Kamen Ride! Psyga! Kamen Ride Psyga!
Kamen Ride Orga Kamen Ride! Orga! Kamen Ride! Orga!
Kamen Ride Glaive Kamen Ride! Glaive! Kamen Ride! Glaive!
Kamen Ride Ibuki Kamen Ride! Ibuki! Kamen Ride! Ibuki!
Kamen Ride Todoroki Kamen Ride! Todoroki! Kamen Ride! Todoroki!
Kamen Ride Zanki Kamen Ride! Zanki! Kamen Ride! Zanki!
Kamen Ride Kabuki Kamen Ride! Kabuki! Kamen Ride! Kabuki!
Kamen Ride Caucasus Kamen Ride! Caucasus! Kamen Ride! Caucasus!
Kamen Ride Ketaros Kamen Ride! Ketaros! Kamen Ride! Ketaros!
Kamen Ride Hercus Kamen Ride! Hercus! Kamen Ride! Hercus!
Kamen Ride Drake Kamen Ride! Drake! Kamen Ride! Drake!
Kamen Ride Sasword Kamen Ride! Sasword! Kamen Ride! Sasword!
Kamen Ride Punch Hopper Kamen Ride! Punch Hopper! Kamen Ride! Punch Hopper!
Kamen Ride Ixa Kamen Ride! Ixa! Kamen Ride! Ixa!
Kamen Ride Rey Kamen Ride! Rey! Kamen Ride! Rey!
Kamen Ride Saga Kamen Ride! Saga! Kamen Ride! Saga!
Kamen Ride Arc Kamen Ride! Arc Kamen Ride! Arc!
Kamen Ride Skull (Wrong Color) Kamen Ride! Skull! Kamen Ride! Skull
Kamen Ride Diend (Chinomanako Ver.) Kamen Ride! Diend! (Chinomanako
Error Sound
Attack Ride Diend Blast Attack Ride! Blast! Attack Ride! Blast!
Attack Ride Crossattack Attack Ride! Crossattack! Attack Ride! Crossattack!
Attack Ride Barrier Attack Ride! Barrier! Attack Ride!
Attack Ride Illusion Attack Ride! Illusion! Attack Ride! Illusion
Attack Ride Invisible Attack Ride! Invisible! Attack Ride! Invisible!
Attack Ride Gekijyouban Attack Ride! Gekijyouban! Attack Ride! Gekijyouban!
Final Attack Ride Diend Final Attack Ride!
Final Attack Ride!
Rider Card Binder -DIEND-
Card Type Card Name Sound in Diendriver Sound in Decadriver
Kamen Ride Diend (Power Up Ver.) Kamen Ride! Diend! Kamen Ride! Diend!

Included with the set is the Diend Belt. The base belt unit is a similar to that of the Decadriver’s belt. However the unit comes packed with a new black plastic buckle insert featuring Diend’s logo in a beautiful blue holofoil pattern. Finally, included is a card holder that can hold up to 18 Rider Cards. The page does not state whether the buckle is removable to allow the insertion of the Decadriver or a K-Touch.

Bandai has also announced an all new product, the Rider Card Binder -Diend-! This set features a card list booklet, an exclusive Diend themed binder, as well as an exclusive Rider Card, the powered up Kamen Ride Diend card given to Daiki by Narutaki. As with the previous binders, can hold 128 cards front and back, or 64 cards only front. Ordering both does not appear to give you any sort of pre-order bonus this time around.

There is still plenty of unknown information about this product that is sure to be revealed as we inch closer to the October, 2015 release date. The CSM Diendriver & Diend Belt can be ordered for ¥17,280 before middleman fees. The CSM Rider Card Binder can be ordered for ¥3,240.

Sources: Premium Bandai (Diendriver), Premium Bandai (Rider Card Binder), Rider Card List

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