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Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden Plot Details


Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden Plot Details


Latest scans from Uchusen magazine divulges the plot details of the upcoming Kamen Rider Gaim side story featuring Kamen Rider Zangetsu and Kamen Rider Baron

Set around episode 20 of the Kamen Rider Gaim television series, Takatora Kureshima is continuing preparations of Project Ark. This project would mean the salvation of humanity at the cost of numerous lives. Takatora’s resolve in seeing this through is put in question after a conversation with Kota Kazuraba.

Meanwhile, Yggdrasil’s Kurokage Troopers are being assailed by an unknown Armored Rider. The caretaker formerly employed by the Kureshima family, Toka Akatsuki, makes an appearance. Being raised by a strict father, Takatora’s only support during his childhood years was Akatsuki. Both are very happy to meet again. However, the mysterious attacker, having taken care of Sid and Yoko, sets their sights on Takatora…


Kamen Rider Idunn
This Armored Rider is known also as the Goddess in charge of the Golden Apple. Transforms using the Kindan no Ringo (Forbidden Apple) Lock Seed and attacks any Armored Rider with ties to Yggdrasil. Unlike other Armored Riders, she is able to manipulate cracks.

Toka Akatsuki
A former employee of the Kureshima family, she used to be take the role of Takatora’s emotional support. While she is skilled at cooking, but has never managed to bake a decent apple pie.


Amagi Kureshima
He is the father of the Kureshima brothers. A firm believer in Noblesse Oblige, he has already been studying Helheim. Played by Minori Terada, who potryaled Terror Dopant/Ryubee Sonozaki in Kamen Rider Double.


Kaito Kumon continues his search for the Overlords after being egged on by Ryoma Sengoku. The objective: become stronger. Meanwhile, the heir of a foreign country, Shapool, visits Zawame as part of an inspection. Kaito discovers this Shapool person is identical to him. Eager for some freedom, Shapool finds Kaito, sedates him and steals his clothes. Shapool appears before the Beat Riders posing as Kaito. Kota and the others cannot believe their eyes when they see who they believe to be Kaito dancing with a smile on his face.


Meanwhile, Kaito comes round to find out that a group, lead by Shapool’s butler had been looking for him. Being identical, Kaito is mistaken for Shapool and taken by the group…

*The misfortunes of Kaito and his family started when his father sold his factory to Yggdrasil.

Has been entrusted by Shapool’s father to care for the young heir. Very strict about sticking to schedule, doesn’t let Shapool have any fun.

Kamen Rider Tyrant
Alfred transforms into Tyrant with the new Dragonfruit Lockseed and a Genesis Driver. Known simply as The Tyrant (暴君 bokun), he is an expert bike rider and possesses power superior to that of Baron’s or Knuckle’s.


Mysterious Overlord
This Overload appears at the climax of the story and overpowers Baron.

Kamen Rider Zangetsu will be written by Jin Haganeya, while Nobuhiro Mouri will write Kamen Rider Baron. The stories will be set some time after episode 20 of the series and will introduce new forms as well as new Riders.

The regular DVD version will cost 4,500 yen and the regular Blu-Ray will cost 5,000 yen, excluding tax. The limited edition Lockseed DVD will cost 7,000 yen, and the Blu-Ray will cost 8,000 yen.

Source: Uchusen Issue 147

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1 Comment

  1. grimfell

    December 27, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    I will always be hyped for more Gaim.

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