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Scans Reveal New Forms Appearing In Movie War Full Throttle


Scans Reveal New Forms Appearing In Movie War Full Throttle

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Scans posted on 2chan from magazines Televi-Kun and TV-Magazine revealed new form changes as well as unknown enemies that will appear in the annual crossover, Kamen Rider Drive x Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers and plot details for the forthcoming film.


Kamen Rider Gaim is shown above fighting an enemy named Megahex, a space entity with mechanical features and able to summon Mecha Riders. However, Gaim is not alone in the battle as Ryugen and Zangetsu will join him. Ryugen is seen fighting the Mecha Kurokage and Zangetsu takes on Kamen Rider Duke: Dragon Energy Arms.


Kamen Rider Gaim and Kamen Rider Drive will also obtain upgrades resembling each other’s primary form in order to take on their fiercest enemy yet. Gaim obtains the Drive Arms while Drive transforms into Type Fruits (resembling Gaim’s Orange Arms).


Source: 2chan, Televi-Kun January 2015, TV-Magazine January 2015

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